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October 2, 2013:
The evidence mounts up, according to new half million dollar study.Bigfoot does not sleep, so look out, a video shows showing that the Sasquatch still hangs out in the woods, moves quickly, and is still blurry.New iPhone Bigfoot Video in Spokane, Washington.


Sasquatch or Skunk Ape?

Aside from appearing in Slim Jim commercials, bigfoot has been called a Yeti, Skunk-Ape, Sasquatch, and Chewbacca. The Sasquatch Genome Project has been conducted over 5 years and the claim is that thousands of bigfoots live in the US, including Northern Texas. Keep an eye out!

See The New 2013 Bigfoot Video!

Bigfoot Video On Yahoo! Speculation persists that Bigfoot has some kind of personal cloaking device, or shares the same blurry demeanor that UFOs manifest, so you can never get a good sharp image on video or film of the Sasquatch.

New Sighting of Elusive Yeti, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape

Spokane Bigfoot Video on YouTube

Bigfoot VideoThe latest bigfoot video of 2013 comes courtesy of a man in Shelby, North Carolina who says he saw Bigfoot crossing the street.  Thomas Byers, who took the video, says you can hear it growl at him, and the creature has a very bad smell associated with it. In the video, the Bigfoot creature seems to move rather quickly, as if it understands the nature of drivers on rural roads. (For further information on vehicular encounters with Yetis, see "Harry and the Hendersons.")

North Carolina is an unusual place for the creature known as Bigfoot, who normally thought to inhabit the Saskatchewan (hence the term Sasquatch) along the Canada-Washington border.  Perhaps the most famous bigfoot recording, the Patterson-Gimlin film  was taken in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California. If Bigfoot has indeed moved to North Carolina, this would involve a considerable cross-country trip while escaping detection.  Overall, the quality of bigfoot video, including this new North Carolina Bigfoot Video, is usually low. It may be that the bigfoot has a form of natural cloaking device that blurs itself and the surrounding scenery, so sharp-eyed natural predators are unable to properly determine its direction, size, and distance.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Do not attempt to approach Bigfoot on your own. There may be a reason that nobody has a story of a close personal encounter. Bigfoot might eat you. Or he might get you to join his cult, and then you might turn into a bigfoot out there in the woods where you would grow very hairy and become totally invisible unless hikers with poor camera control saw you from a distance and got a few frames of you shambling along out in the middle of nowhere. You know, everyong thinks that Bigfoot lives out in the woods, but in the opinion of this bigfoot website owner it is possible that there is a community of Sasquatches (Sasquatchii?) who live in vast caverns underground and come up from hidden entrances in certain regions. This is why you never catch Bigfoot napping, gathering food, or washing his car. The same thing is probably true for Chewbacca, except that he lives in a tree and his maintenance skills are dubious at best.